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Robbery is the offense of trying to take or actually taking anything of worth with force or with the intimidation of force or if the victim has been made to be in fear. Common law defines robbery, however, as seizing the possessions of someone else, with the intent to permanently deny the individual of their possessions, by using either fear or force.


Difference jurisdictions may have varying definitions of robbery. Robbery is set apart from the other types of theft such as, shoplifting, car theft, or burglary, because of its violent characteristics. Since robbery is deemed a violent crime is charged as a felony while other, less violent, types of theft are usually tried as misdemeanors.


Below are some examples of robbery:


  • Armed Robbery: This is when the use of a weapon is involved.

  • Aggravated robbery: This is when either a deadly weapon or something which could be     construed as a deadly weapon is used.

  • Highway robbery (also called "mugging"): This type of robbery occurs in a public place or outside in places such as a street, sidewalk, or parking lot.

  • Carjacking: This is different than basic car theft because in a carjacking the car has been stolen by force from the victim.

  • Extortion: Threatening to do something illegal, or proposing to not do an illegal act if something is not given in return. Basically, using words to intimidate instead of actions.


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